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Infectious Happiness

December 10, 2014

Have you ever met a person who was always smiling? Always happy? Always ready to help you?

Lets change the questions. Have you ever met  a person who is always dour? Nothing is ever ‘right’ for them? They are always complaining about something?

These are 2 extremes of the people we meet every day. Some people we spot from a mile off and can ignore, possibly. But most people are simply people we deal with each day. The point here being that we are a product of our surroundings and our own actions. Our environment, the people we talk to, these all influence us.

Who you talk to influences who you become. The moods of other affect us. The situations of others become our guide to social behaviour.

Today I want to prove 2 simple points:

  1. We are influenced by others
  2. Thus, we should surround ourselves with positive influences!

We are influenced by others

Think back to high school, or a time with friends. Somebody made a joke, and they started laughing. Somebody else started laughing. Suddenly you were all laughing. It didn’t really matter whether the joke was funny – people were laughing and so were you.

You’re with a group of friends and they want to go somewhere. Before you know it, you are going there despite prior plans.

Your friends keep telling you that this upcoming exam is really important. You tact on, and study harder.

All these examples show a simple truth – we are influenced by others.

Others remind us of things. They tell us things. They encourage us to do things. They help us when we’re down. They invite us places etc. They brighten our day if they smile.

The question is what do our friends remind us of? What do they encourage us to do? Where do they invite us? Do people make us feel gloomy or happy?

So we are influenced by others. What’s our next step?

We Should Surround Ourselves with Positive Influences!

Surround yourself with sharp witted friends and you shall discover your wit, if you don’t wish to be eviscerated by words. Iron sharpens iron. Surround yourself with hard working comrades and you shall feel greater pressure to work harder. Be in a selective high school and your academic expectations will be greater. Surround yourself with people who have a “can do” attitude, and you will acquire that attitude yourself.

Surround yourself with cynics and whinging gloomy bodies and you may find the day a little less rosy. Surround yourself with those irresistibly happy people, those… infectiously happy, and so you shall be happy.

In fact, eventually, you shall be the one smiling and bringing happiness into others lives. Others can make us happy. Remember this feeling. Try to create it for others.

These smiling wonders do us good. Logically, if we wish to do better, we should seek them out. Talk to them, smile at them, become friends with them. It doesn’t mean abandoning old connections, merely readjusting whom we connect with in line with our values and goals. We need guides to stay on the path we tread. Though we have the power to remind ourselves, sometimes its good to have a helping hand. Make sure those you surround yourself with would be able to, and would extend that hand.


We are influenced by others. We should surround ourselves with positive influences. Make a start today. It is common advice, yet you don’t want to forget it, do you?


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