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Blog Focuses Early 2015

January 7, 2015

In past years on this blog I have posted, often about common advice, principles, experiences of mine and more. I have alluded to altruism before, as a reason why I write. The idea is, my writing might do something beneficial.

What this blog sometimes lacks is focus, however. I’m remedying that by making a few focus points for the immediate future (this month, and maybe the next) :

  1. Virtue
  2. Ecclesiastical (Church) Matters and History

Why these two areas? Well, much of my blog has focused on common advice and self-improvement in the past. Virtue, I feel, is a crucial aspect of self-improvement and good social life, yet a rather neglected idea today. And fear not, for this is not sanctimonious, holier-than-thou preaching, purely concerned with rigid moral standards. Absolutely not! Virtue, I have discussed before, is intertwined with our very concept of sexuality in the modern age, and is a crucial part of government. These are things you don’t think about when you say ‘virtue’, so pay attention over coming months for more similar intriguing articles!

The reason I am writing about the Church is because studying the Church and religion provide an insight into good social living. I won’t be discussing arguments for the existence of God or anything similar. What I will be discussing are lessons from the history of religion, how where the Church stands today can guide us as to notions of power, social relations and more. There will be insights into organisational management, priorities and common advice that can be applied in our own lives. For instance, religion acts as a perfect focus to explore the value of ritual in our lives (and why losing ritual in modernity can be related to nihilism, for instance). My inspiration for writing on religion came from a series of comments by an atheist whom I respect online, who said that religion fascinated him for its philosophical, intellectual, social, political and cultural legacy, and how it applied to modern day life. This fellow’s knowledge of ecclesiastical history fascinated me, and resonated with lessons of life that we can do well to observe. Self-improvement and wisdom are our focuses, and are certainly goals of those of all faiths or atheists.

Also, do not fret if these 2 interests are not to your fancy. Alongside these two main areas, I also plan to continue with general articles about life, finance, my experiences, international relations and more. Writing about virtue and ecclesiastical history is only a short term focus, especially as I don’t want to write articles before I have studied ecclesiastical history in depth!

Finally, I may reduce posting volume to focus on posting higher quality articles, and focusing on my goals and resolutions that I listed.

So, virtue, the Church, and how these themes interact will act as focuses for Jan, part of February, and other articles will pepper the blog.


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